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Assisting Someone Who Has Fallen: Steps to Follow

Immediate Response

When someone falls, quick and careful action is essential:

  • Guide Their Fall: Do not attempt to catch or hold them up, guide their fall to minimize injury.
  • Protect Their Head: If possible, crouch down with them to protect their head.
  • Use Your Arms: Place your arms on either side to guide the fall, focusing on protecting their head.

Assessing the Situation

Once they are on the ground:

  • Check for Injuries: Assess if they are injured or in pain; call emergency services if needed.
  • Keep Them Safe: Ensure their safety and keep them warm while waiting for help.

Assisting Them Up

Help them up cautiously:

  • Stay Calm: Ensure they are calm before assisting them to get up.
  • Avoid Rushing: Let them move at their own pace; do not try to lift them abruptly.
  • Use a Chair: Bring a sturdy chair to assist them in getting up safely.

Final Steps

Ensure their comfort and safety:

  • Support and Reassure: Support them as they move; reassure them and keep them warm.
  • Medical Assistance: If they cannot get up or are in pain, call emergency services immediately.