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Greeting and Assisting Individuals

Greeting and Assessing Needs

Start by greeting the person and asking how they are to gauge their level of assistance:

  • Initial Greeting: Greet the person warmly and ask about their well-being.
  • Assessing Assistance Needed: Their response will help determine the level of support required.

Assisting Someone from a Wheelchair into a Vehicle

Follow these steps to assist someone from a wheelchair into a vehicle:

  • Positioning the Wheelchair: Ensure the wheelchair is positioned correctly for easy transition.
  • Preparing to Stand: Guide them to shuffle to the edge of the seat with both feet flat on the floor.
  • Using Dominant Foot: Encourage them to use their dominant foot to push up (e.g., right foot for right-handed individuals).
  • Assisting to Stand: Support them as they use the armrest to stand; do not lift them physically.
  • Avoiding Twisting: Ensure they stand without twisting to prevent injury.

Assisting Someone Using a Walking Aid to Your Vehicle

When assisting someone using a walking aid to your vehicle, consider these tips:

  • Assessing Terrain: Check for obstacles, steps, and uneven surfaces along the way.
  • Offering Assistance: Offer your arm for support and help navigate obstacles.
  • Carrying Bags: Assist with carrying bags or other items as needed.
  • Adapting to Their Needs: Allow them to decide how much support they need, whether light assistance or more substantial help.
  • Staying Aware: Keep an eye out for potential obstacles like handrails or busy pedestrian areas.