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Assisting Passengers at Destinations

Choosing a Suitable Parking Spot

Consider these steps when deciding where to park near your destination:

  • Check Curb Heights: Look for locations with lower curbs to ease the exit from your vehicle.
  • Accessible Parking: Ensure your chosen spot allows fully opening the passenger's door.
  • Adjust Parking Position: Park slightly away from the curb if necessary to assist your passenger onto a lower surface.

Assisting Passengers Out of the Vehicle

Follow these guidelines when assisting your passenger out of the vehicle:

  • Seat Belt Assistance: Offer help with their seat belt before proceeding.
  • Preparing Walking Aids: Have any walking aids ready for their use.
  • Opening the Door: Fully open the door and assist the passenger to position their legs in the doorway.
  • Ensuring Stability: Ensure their feet are firmly positioned on the ground; offer assistance if they need to shuffle forward or stand.
  • Using Walking Aids: Allow them to use their cane or any available aids for support.
  • Supporting Their Exit: Keep one hand on the door and offer your other hand for support as needed.
  • Head Protection: Ensure they won't hit their head as they exit the vehicle.

Transition to Wheelchair or Walking Aid

Once standing, assist them into their wheelchair or provide their walking aid:

  • Handing Over Possessions: Ensure they have all their belongings.
  • Guiding to Destination: Assist them as needed to safely reach their destination.