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Assisting Individuals into and out of Wheelchairs Safely

Preparing to Assist Into a Wheelchair

Follow these steps to ensure safe assistance into a wheelchair:

  • Brakes and Casters: Ensure both brakes are engaged and front casters are swivelled forward.
  • Folding Footplates: Fold footplates and swing them to the side to clear the way.
  • Securing the Chair: If available, have a third person hold the wheelchair handles to prevent movement.
  • Assisting the Individual: Ask the individual to lower themselves into the seat while holding the hand rests.
  • Adjusting Footrests: Swing footrests forward and help position their feet comfortably on the footrests.

Guiding Wheelchair Use

Ensure safety while moving your passenger:

  • Elbows and Hands: Avoid elbows sticking out during passage through doorways; keep hands in lap.
  • Brake Application: Always apply the brake when moving away from the wheelchair.

Assisting Out of a Wheelchair

Follow these steps for safe assistance out of a wheelchair:

  • Positioning and Brakes: Back the wheelchair with brakes on and swivel front casters forward.
  • Folding Footplates: Fold up footplates and swing them to the side out of the way.
  • Chair Stability: Have another person hold the wheelchair handles to prevent movement if possible.
  • Assisting Standing: Ask the individual to move forward on the seat, place feet firmly on the ground, and hold armrests.
  • Encouragement: Be patient and encourage them to take their time throughout the process.