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Transporting Electric Wheelchairs: Safety Tips and Guidelines

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

Electric wheelchairs come in various types:

  • Large and Heavy: Most are too large and heavy to be lifted into unadapted vehicles.
  • Different Models: There are different models that require specific handling methods.

Preparing Your Vehicle for Electric Wheelchairs

Key considerations when using an adapted vehicle:

  • Know the Equipment: Understand how the electric wheelchair operates; consult with your passenger for guidance.
  • Check Hoists Regularly: Ensure hoists are functional and inspected regularly.
  • Vehicle Compatibility: Ensure the wheelchair fits and align it carefully to prevent damage.
  • Secure the Wheelchair: Use secure latching points and apply brakes on all journeys to prevent movement.

Assisting Your Passenger Safely

Guidelines for safely assisting passengers:

  • Use of Ramps: Assist passengers in using ramps for entry; communicate clearly throughout.
  • Securing the Chair: Secure the wheelchair at all four points during transit to prevent accidents.
  • Important Safety Note: Failure to secure the wheelchair properly can result in serious injury.

Exiting the Vehicle Safely

Procedure for safely disembarking:

  • Release and Communicate: Undo latches and guide the passenger as they exit using their electric wheelchair.