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Safe Moving and Handling for Passengers with Disabilities

Importance of Safe Moving Handling

Assisting individuals with disabilities requires knowledge of safe moving handling techniques to prevent injury.

Respecting Dignity and Respect

Understanding and respecting dignity is crucial for providing respectful assistance:

  • Key Feelings: Individuals may feel undervalued, patronised, or discriminated against if dignity is not maintained.
  • Simple Steps: Follow straightforward guidelines to protect dignity and promote respect.

Guidelines for Assisting Passengers

Building a positive interaction from the moment you arrive:

  • Start of Interaction: Assist passengers from their home to their destination with care and respect.
  • Communication: Always ask how individuals prefer to be addressed and avoid patronising language.
  • Patience and Respect: Be patient and avoid showing annoyance or impatience, treating everyone equally.

Privacy and Independence

Respect privacy and encourage independence:

  • Confidentiality: Maintain privacy regarding any information shared during the journey.
  • Promote Independence: Offer assistance without assuming independence, allowing individuals to act autonomously.

Quotes and Insights

Insights from individuals with disabilities emphasise respectful assistance:

"I'd like the driver to consider that I am a person... Ask me how he can help, whether I need my arm held..."

Building Rapport

Create a comfortable environment through friendly and respectful communication:

  • Approachability: Foster a connection with passengers to build trust and ease.
  • Offering Assistance: Politely offer assistance and respect their decision to accept or decline.


Ensure assistance is offered with respect and consideration:

  • Respecting Independence: Avoid forcing assistance and always treat individuals with the dignity they deserve.