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Handling Emergencies During Transport

Immediate Actions for Unwell Passengers

Follow these steps if a passenger becomes unwell or has an accident:

  • Get Help Immediately: If a passenger becomes unwell or has an accident, seek help without delay.
  • First Aid Provision: If trained, provide necessary first aid assistance.

Managing Unwell Passengers

Ensure safety and comfort for unwell passengers:

  • Place of Safety: Move the passenger to a safe location.
  • Keep Calm and Reassure: If in the vehicle, keep them calm and reassure them.
  • Assist with Medication: Inquire about and assist with any required medications.

Responding to Falls and Injuries

Steps to take if your passenger falls and is injured:

  • Call Emergency Services: Contact emergency services immediately.
  • Stay with the Passenger: Provide support, keeping them safe, calm, and warm.

Understanding Your First Aid Kit

Familiarise yourself with your first aid kit contents:

  • Check Your Kit: Review the contents, including dressings and equipment.
  • Use of Pressure Dressings and Plasters: Know how to use pressure dressings for bleeding and plasters for minor cuts.
  • Refer to Instructions: Utilise any first aid instruction leaflet included in your kit.

Remember, providing first aid often involves basic care, keeping the individual calm, calling for help, and ensuring their comfort until professional assistance arrives.