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Overview of Patient Handling Course

Course Structure

Before starting the patient handling course, let's outline what you'll cover:

  • Course Categories: The course is categorised into several sections, each containing multiple instructional videos.
  • Flexible Learning: Pause and revisit any video throughout the course duration.
  • Regular Updates: We update our courses frequently, ensuring you have access to new and updated content as it becomes available.

Support Options

Despite being an online course, support is readily available:

  • Contact Methods: Reach out to us via phone, email, or our online chat on any of our websites if you have questions during the course.

Course Content Overview

Here's a summary of what the patient handling course will cover:

  1. Transporting Patients: Learn essential skills such as maintaining dignity, safeguarding personal belongings, effective communication, ergonomic practices, and preventing back injuries.
  2. Medical Devices: Understand procedures for transporting medical equipment and accommodating service or assistance dogs.
  3. Medical Conditions: Address challenges related to hearing impairments, visual impairments, and mobility issues.
  4. Fall Prevention: Discover strategies for preventing falls and appropriate responses if a fall occurs.
  5. Walking Aids: Familiarise yourself with various walking aids, including wheelchairs, used by passengers.
  6. Assistance Techniques: Learn techniques for safely assisting individuals into and out of your vehicle.
  7. Emergency Situations: Prepare for scenarios involving car accidents, breakdowns, and responding to medical emergencies or accidents.

We trust you'll find the patient handling course valuable. For further details or to enrol, please contact us. Thank you for choosing ProTrainings.